Body design

The sleek symmetry of the Rubato Lassie body is an evolution of the classic shapes guitarists know and love. Fusing form and function, its fluid design is clean and elegant and perfectly reflects its clear, full sound quality.

Sleek satin neck

The shallow, curved profile of the Rubato Lassie's neck fits comfortably into the hand and the smoothness of the carbon fibre gives a fluid, frictionless glide.

Medium-jumbo frets in stainless-steel

The playability of a guitar has a lot to do with the profile of its frets. So the Rubato Lassie is fitted with widely used medium-jumbos, in a high-polish stainless-steel, that make bends and vibrato slick and easy.

They wear much more slowly than standard nickel-silver frets, so they look better for longer and downtime for fret-dressing is far less frequent.

Flamed maple fretboard

The light, warm wood against the dark, sleek carbon fibre doesn’t just make the Rubato Lassie look great. The fretboard is also designed to make it easier to play. The edges of the maple are rolled, for extra gliding comfort along the neck, and the compound radius ensures string height stays consistent along its full length.

Scale length:

647.7mm (25.5”)

Compound fretboard radius:

220 – 370mm (8.7 – 14.5”)

No-nonsense electronics

One volume knob. One tone knob. One three-way toggle switch.

No-one loves tech more than us but, on a guitar, it should be the support act not the main event. Carefully positioned on the body, so they fall naturally under your hand, the Rubato Lassie’s premium electronics give the tonal variations you need while freeing you to focus on playing your best music.

Boutique mini-humbucking pickups

For a unique sound, with the bite of a humbucker and the clarity of a single-coil, the Rubato Lassie features top quality mini-humbuckers, from our favourite specialist pickup winding shop, Porter Pickups.

Mini Rotomatic® locking tuners

Being able to keep strings in tune – even after a big bend – means more time playing and less time retuning or restringing. We use locking tuners from Grover (‘makers of the finest machine heads since 1922’) because there’s no string slippage, their light construction prevents the Rubato Lassie becoming unbalanced and neck-heavy … and they look great.

Premium hardware

Every Rubato guitar features quality kit. No shortcuts. Ever.

Solid brass Hipshot fixed bridge

A perfect modern interpretation of the classic fixed bridge that’s as beautiful to look at as it is comfortable to use.

Grover strap-locks

The classiest way to ensure your Rubato Lassie never slips away from its strap. (If you prefer to live dangerously, just leave the locking clasps and use the traditional buttons!)

Top-shelf electronics

Bourns potentiometers. Orange drop capacitor. Switchcraft switch and jack. No-one does them better.

Aluminium flight case

Thinner, lighter and stronger than most – just like the guitar it’s designed for – the custom flight case is made from aluminium, with a beautifully lined, foam-fit interior to keep the Rubato Lassie safe ‘n snug.