Carbon fibre guitar necks

A truly modern material.
Lighter than wood, stiffer than aluminium.
No truss rod needed.

Les and Leo never stopped innovating. Neither will we.

Carbon fibre guitar neck

Compound radius fretboard

Cowboy-chord comfort at the bottom, shreds at the top. Kind of like a mullet, but classier.

Compound radius fretboard

Stainless steel frets with impeccable ball-ends

The same top-tier fret dressing you’ll find on every Rubato guitar.

Stainless steel frets with ball ends

Satin or glossy finish

Glossy for max aesthetics. Satin for max playability. The choice is yours.

Carbon fibre guitar neck finish

Will it fit my guitar?

Built to fit the ubiquitous standard Fender® neck pocket, the Rubato carbon fibre neck fits most Stratocasters® and Jazzmasters®. Dimensions are shown here but you can contact Oliver to double-check it’ll work with your body's neck pocket.

Carbon fibre guitar neck heel
Neck pocket dimensions. Overall 3" x 2 3/16". Hole spacing 2" x 1.5". Fender Strat style cuved heel.

Grover locking tuners

Mini-Rotomatic® locking tuners may look like regular machine heads but, as the key starts turning, the string automatically locks. Sweet!

Locking tuners

Comfortable "C" profile

Differing slightly from the Rubato Lassie, we’ve gone with a more familiar C-shape for this neck. Not too thick, not too thin. Not too square, not too round. Welcome to the Goldilocks zone!

Carbon fibre guitar neck finish

Stainless steel string guide & zero-fret

We designed this for the Rubato Lassie to ensure the break angle over the zero-fret was as low as possible. This minimises friction to keep your guitar in tune and also helps keep the action as playable as possible.

Stainless steel string guide

Aluminium neck heel

This is the critical interface between the guitar body and neck. Our precision-machined aluminium heel houses the threads for bolting the two together and perfectly matches the neck pocket on your guitar.

Aluminium guitar neck heel

Customisation options

Left handed guitarist

Fretboard material

Richlite or Maple, you decide.

Maple is a classic look but Richlite is a fantastic modern option! It’s a composite material, made from recycled paper and phenolic resin, and comes in a variety of finishes.

No worries about the fretboard surface absorbing moisture or getting grubby. The Maple is sealed and the Richlite is waterproof.

Left handed guitarist


Whatever you want. Whatever you like.

Our signature ellipse fret markers are a slight twist on traditional dot inlays—their width-to-length ratio is the Golden Ratio. However, we’re open to special requests. Just contact Oliver to discuss and, if a cleaner look is your thing, the inlays can be left off altogether.

Left handed guitarist

Fret side markers

Classic dots or high-vis bars.

Side markers are kind of crucial to orienting yourself on the neck and, whether you’re happy with standard dots, or prefer custom sidebars for better visibility, they have to be classy.

Dots or bars? Vintage or modern? Tube or digital? These are the real questions.

Left handed guitarist


We won't charge you extra, but it might take a bit longer.

Lefties always get the short end of the stick: Never any guitars to try out in-store... Can’t noodle on your mate’s Vintage Goldtop... and, when you buy gear, you get charged extra.

Rubato won’t do that. The build might take a bit longer, because you’ll need a custom string guide, but you’ll part with the same money as everyone else.

How much is it?

The Neck is US $925.00 + shipping (before your country's duties and taxes).

How do I order?

Orders are open now.

Lead time is 4 to 5 months.

Fill in an order form to book your slot.

Tech. specs

Scale length647.7 mm
Nut width42mm
Thickness at Fret 020mm
Thickness at Fret 1220mm
Weight (excl. tuners)390g
Weight (incl. tuners)600–700g
Fretboard radius220 to 370mm